Kenya Travel Guide, Tour Route & Game Park Fees

Travel Information provides the specific guides and tour information about my 25-day photographic safari tour route, Kenya game park fees, safety guide, safari tour services information offered by a senior Kenya Safari tour guide – Leonard, and information about Malaria in Kenya.

25 Days Tour Route in Kenya


Day 1: Nairobi National Park


Day 2: Lake Naivasha


Day 3: Hell's Gate


Day 4: Taita Hills


Day 5: Mombasa


Day 6 & 7: Tsavo East National Park( 2 Days )


Day 8: Tsavo West National Park


Day 9: Amboseli National Park


Day 10: Mount Kenya


Day 11, 12, 13: Samburu National Reserve ( 3 Days )


Day 14: Mount Kenya


Day 15: Lake Nakuru


Day 16: Lake Bogoria


Day 17 & 18: Lake Baringo ( Two Days )


Day 19: Lake Naivasha


Day 20, 21, 22, 23, 24: Maasai Mara (Four Days)


Day 25: Lake Naivasha

Kenya Game Park Admission Fees ( May 2013 )

Park Fees for driver and van:

USD 25.00 / park

Tips for guide/driver:

from USD 10.00 / per day

Park Fees

Amboseli Park Fee: USD 80.00

Tsavo East Park Fee: USD 65.00

Tsavo West Park Fee: USD 65.00

Samburu Park Fee: USD 80.00

Mt. Kenya Park Fee: USD 65.00

Aberdare Park Fee: USD 65.00

Lake Naivasha Park Fee: USD 98.00 (Boat Ride & Crescent-Island)

Lake Nakuru Park Fee: USD 80.00

Lake Bogoria Park Fee: USD 55.00

Lake Baringo Park Fee: USD 55.00

Maasai Mara Park Fee: USD 80.00

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Information About Safety, Malaria and Accommodation - click the title of article and read more...

Is it safe to travel to Kenya?

My answer for the question is YES. First of all it is important to rent a car and hire an experienced guide / driver when you travel in Kenya. Protecting and ensuring safety of their clients are part of the guide's duties. After all Kenya is the third world country with about 40% high unemployment rate. Travelling alone may be not a good idea for foreigners at present. But in general, I felt safe travelling in Kenya as long as be aware of some basic safety precautions and always take notice of who are around you. Please check the useful safety guideline link here. Before my trip to Kenya I was very much concerned for my safety. I stayed in Nairobi for 4 days and always went out with my guide. Most of time I didn't take my camera with me when I was walking on the street in Nairobi. Mainly because of Nairobi has had a bad name called 'Nairobbery' in the past. By the time I left Nairobi and started my game park tour, I felt very safe and secure all the way until the day I left.

Most of Kenya is safe for visitors. But I hear about some areas like some routes in the south, between Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks, the visitors are advised to take advantage of the local armed guards who will travel with visitors. The North of the country is very different matter with frequent bandit attacks near the borders. Avoiding travelling in northern border areas is advised.

Malaria In Kenya

Malaria in Kenya can be a problem, but not as serious as I thought before the trip. For tourists, as long as you drink clean water, eat clean food, take some pills or get vaccine injection before the trip, you will be fine. The camps & lodges I stayed were very clean and they all had bed nets to prevent mosquitoes. Wearing long pants and sleeves to avoid mosquitoes' bites are suggested .

Accommodation and Services

The tourist industry in Kenya is very mature and it is the 2nd largest source of foreign exchange revenue following agriculture. My accommodation was arranged by Leonard. The lodges & camps I stayed were surprisingly well and luxury, and the services they provided were great too. The food was quite 'European'. The people work for the lodges and camps are extremly nice and helpful. Many of them are working more than 12 hours a day, so tipping them seems a must for me.

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