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Welcome to Kenya Safari Photos website! My name is Li Guo, a graphic designer, web interface designer and photographer based in New Zealand. I had a 25-day photographic safari tour around Kenya starting from the 1st through 26th of May 2013, visited most popular places and game parks such as Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo West National Park, Mount Kenya, Lake Naivasha National Park, Lake Bogoria National Reserve, Lake Baringo National Reserve and Hell's Gate National Park,Samburu National Reserve.

All my photographs displayed on this website were shot with a Nikon D4 and a Nikon D200. If you have any questions or interested in purchasing my photos, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for visiting !

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Photo Gallery: Kenya Animals

See Africa big five game animals and other Kenya wildlife photos in Animal Gallery.

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Photo Gallery: Birds

Kenya wild bird photos - thousand of flamingos and lots of Pelicans and more in Birds Gallery.

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Photo Gallery: Landscapes

See unforgetable Kenya landscapes, nature, water fall, sunrise and sunset photos in Landscape Gallery.

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Photo Gallery: Beautiful People

Kenya people are extremly friendly, delightful and hard-working. See stunning Kenyans' photos in People Gallery.

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Photo Gallery: Random Snap

Random Snap Gallery presents some of special effect, abstract style photos and some Photoshop tweaked images.

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Travel Information

A 25-day Kenya photogarphic safari travel route, Kenya game park fees and information of safety, Malaria and accommodation.

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Special Thanks to My Tour Guide / Driver - Leonard

I give Leonard a nickname - 'Kenya Big Sixth' with great respect.

Leonard was my tour guide in Kenya. I am very grateful for his kindness & contributions to my photo shooting. Without his effort I would not be able to present the good shots here. I created this column to express a special thanks to him for his help, care and love.

Leonard's five sense organs are remarkably sensitive and his knowledge on wildlife amazed me. All of these enable him to spot animals and birds quickly and from miles away. During the game drives he was pretty much like a leopard hunting for its prey; he was so focused and was very keen to find animals. Light and position are crucial for photo shooting. He always managed to stop the car in a good position for great shots. Another reason I called Leonard 'Kenya big sixth' is that he has a GPS brain. He knows every road and path in Maasai mara National Reserve. He is also familiar with most of roads in Kenya and Tanzania.

About Leonard


senior and experienced English speaking safari tour guide / driver.


specialized in Kenya's tourism industry for the past 16 years.


a highly recommended Kenya tour guide and driver on Tripadvisor.


Leonard has a GPS brain. He knows every road and path in Maasai mara National Reserve. He is also familiar with most of roads and game parks in Kenya and Tanzania.


a great photographc safari guide, well understand light and position.


a discreet, trustworthy and honest person, and sincerely look after his clients.

Kenya Guide & Driver Leonard


Contact Leonard

Tel: + 254 722 843 027

Tel: + 254 733 742 382

Email Leonard

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